Title: Principles of Transistor Circuits (9TH Edition): Introduction to the Design of Amplifiers, Receivers and Digital Circuits

The author: S. W. Amos and M. R. James

File format: PDF

Book volume: 408 Pages

File size: 3.33 MB


  • Semiconductors and junction diodes
  • Basic principles of transistors
  • Common-base and common-gate amplifiers
  • Common-emitter and common-source amplifiers
  • Common-collector and common-drain amplifiers (emitter and source followers)
  • Bias and d.c. stabilisation
  • Small-signal a.f. amplifiers
  • Large-signal a.f. amplifiers
  • D.C. and pulse amplifiers
  • R.F. and I.F. amplifiers
  • Sinusoidal oscillators
  • Modulators, demodulators, mixers and receivers
  • Pulse generators
  • Sawtooth generators
  • Digital circuits
  • 16 Further applications of transistors and other semiconductor devices

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