Introducing ATTO The Smallest Arduino

There have been a number of small Arduino boards with μduino being the smallest one yet with a form factor of 12*12 mm. But there’s new board in the market that has broken all the records of smallest boards. It’s the ATTO board.

ATTO currently worlds smallest Arduino compatible board just 11.5 x 10.3mm. Today I’m going to share with you more details about this tiny board

ATTO Arduino board size

In the image above you can see the size comparison between ATTO and a Canadian Quarter. With this form factor, ATTO can be very useful in projects where size plays a big factor. Below I have shared a size comparison between ATTO and some other popular Arduino boards:

Atto specification


ATTO The Smallest Arduino characteristics


As you can see the along with being tiny, this board packs a bunch of features which makes it a must-have for all developers and hobbyist.

But unfortunately, the board is not yet available in the market. It is scheduled for a release in October of this year (2019). The board is currently in pre-order at nionics for around $14. Visit for more details.

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