Artificial Intelligence for Robotics by Francis X. Govers

Book title: Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

Writer: Francis X. Govers

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Volume: 337 pages

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About the book:

The book starts with professional robot design principles that have been scaled down for smaller robot projects. The AI section begins with convolutional neural networks for object recognition and continues with reinforcement learning and genetic algorithms. The robot gets a voice and learns to tell jokes using AI-based voice recognition that can discern user
intent. The book introduces a novel way to navigate without a map using a literal divide and conquer program that uses the upper part of the room to remember paths, and the lower part of avoid obstacles. The book demonstrates how path planning, decision trees, object classification, and navigation are all part of the same problem set. We finish by giving the robot an artificial personality. The final chapter concludes with thoughts on the future of robots and gives advice on robotics as a career.
The entire book is built around a single fun example task, which is to design and build a robot that can pick up toys in an indoor, unstructured environment. As you will learn, this project is anything but easy.

Content of this book:

Foundation for Advanced Robotics and AI

  • Technical requirements
  • The basic principle of robotics and AI

Setting Up Your Robot

  • Technical requirements
  • What is a robot?
  • Subsumption architecture
  • Software setup
  • Hardware

A Concept for a Practical Robot Design Process

  • A systems engineering-based approach to robotics
  • Use cases
  • Storyboards

Object Recognition Using Neural Networks and Supervised Learning

  • Technical requirements
  • The image recognition process

Picking up the Toys

  • Technical requirements
  • Task analysis
  • Teaching the robot arm
  • Other robot arm machine-learning approaches

Teaching a Robot to Listen

  • Technical requirements
  • Robot speech recognition

Avoiding the Stairs

  • Technical requirements
  • Task analysis

Putting Things Away

  • Technical requirements
  • Task analysis

Giving the Robot an Artificial Personality

  • Technical requirements
  • What is an artificial personality?

Conclusions and Reflections

  • Conclusions about our journey
  • Issues in AI – real and not real
  • Understanding risk in AI

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