Title: Design of Integrated Circuits for Optical Communications (Second Edition)

The author: Behzad Razavi

File format: PDF

Book volume: 444 Pages

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Introduction to Optical Communications

  • Brief History
  • Generic Optical System
  • Design Challenges
  • State of the Art

Basic Concepts

  • Properties of Random Binary Data
  • Generation of Random Data
  • Data Formats (NRZ and RZ, 2 8B/10B Coding)
  • Effect of Low-Pass Filtering and High-Pass Filtering on Random Data
  • Eye Diagrams
  • Effect of Noise on Random Data
  • Phase Noise and Jitter
  • Transmission Lines (Ideal and Lossy)

Optical Devices

  • Operation, Types, Properties of Lasers and External Modulation
  • Optical Fibers (Loss and  Dispersion)
  • Photodiodes
  • Optical Systems

Transimpedance Amplifiers

  • TIA Performance Parameters, SNR Calculations, Noise Bandwidth
  • Open-Loop TIAs, Feedback TIAs, Differential TIAs
  • Supply Rejection
  • High-Performance Techniques
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Case Studies
  • New Developments in TIA Design

Limiting Amplifiers and Output Buffers

  • Performance Parameters, Cascaded Gain Stages, AM/PM Conversion
  • Broadband Techniques
  • Output Buffers
  • Distributed Amplification
  • Other Broadband Techniques (T-Coil Peaking, Triple-Resonance Peaking

Oscillator Fundamentals

  • General Considerations
  • Ring Oscillators, LC Oscillators
  • Voltage-Controlled Oscillators and Mathematical Model of VCOs

LC Oscillators

  • Monolithic Inductors and  Monolithic Varactors
  • Basic LC Oscillators Differential Control and Design Procedure
  • Quadrature Oscillators and Distributed Oscillators

Phase-Locked Loops

  • Simple PLL, Charge-Pump PLLs, Nonideal Effects in PLLs
  • Delay-Locked Loops and Applications

Clock and Data Recovery

  • General Considerations
  • Phase Detectors for Random Data (Hogge Phase, Alexander Phase, Half-Rate Phase)
  • Frequency Detectors for Random Data
  • CDR Architectures (Full-Rate Referenceless, Dual-VCO, Dual-Loop)
  • Quarter-Rate Phase Detectors
  • Jitter in CDR Circuits (Jitter Transfer, Jitter Generation, Jitter Tolerance)

Multiplexers and Laser Drivers

  • Multiplexers (2-to-lMUX and MUX Architectures)
  • Frequency Dividers (Flipflop Dividers, Miller Divider
  • Laser and Modulator Drivers Performance Parameters
  • Design Principles and New Developments in Laser Driver Design

Burst-Mode Circuits

  • Passive Optical Networks
  • Burst-Mode TIAs 395
  • Burst-Mode CDR Circuits 404
  • Alternative BM CDR Architectures

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