Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Book Title: Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Edited by: K.T. Chau

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Language: English

Volume: 517 pages

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About this book:

This book can consolidate the research and development of various energy systems for electric and hybrid vehicles, with emphasis on three main themes – the energy source technology, the battery charging, and management technology, and the vehicle-to-X technology.

Content of the book:

Overview of energy systems for electric and hybrid vehicles

  • What are EVs and HVs?
  • Benefits
  • Challenges
  • Energy system technologies

Overview of electrochemical energy sources for electric vehicles

  • Capacitors
  • Batteries
  • High-temperature batteries

Ultrahigh-speed flywheel energy storage for electric vehicles

  • Flywheel energy storage
  • System configuration
  • Electric machines
  • Control strategies

Hybridization of energy sources for electric and hybrid vehicles

  • Characteristics of engine and electrical powertrains
  • Energy sources for EV and HEV applications

Solar energy harvesting for electric vehicles

  • How to harvest solar energy?
  • PV cell technologies
  • Electrical characteristics and performance of PV cells

On-board electromagnetic energy regeneration for electric vehicles

  • Electromagnetic energy regeneration from braking
  • Electromagnetic energy regeneration from suspension system

On-board thermoelectric energy recovery for hybrid electric vehicles

  • TEG
  • Waste heat recovery for HEVs
  • Thermoelectric energy system
  • MPPT
  • PCC

Review of battery charging strategies for electric vehicles

  • Charging algorithms for a single battery
  • Balancing methods for battery pack charging
  • Charging infrastructure

Wireless power transfer systems for electric vehicles

  • Tesla’s early work of nonradiative wireless power transfer
  • Basic principles for wireless power transfer using near-field
  • coupling technique
  • Magnetic resonant
  • Influence of the load resistance
  • Transmission distance
  • Wireless systems with four coils

Move-and-charge technology for electric vehicles

  • Basic principles of WPTSs for RPEV
  • Advent of RPEV
  • Development of KAIST OLEVs
  • Generalized active EMF cancellation methods

Energy cryptography for wireless charging of electric vehicles

  • Wireless power transfer
  • Wireless charging for EVs
  • Principle of energy cryptography
  • System control of energy cryptography

Review of battery management systems for electric vehicles

  • What is BMS?
  • BMS representation
  • Data management and network
  • Battery balancing
  • BMS standard

Integration of energy and information in electric vehicle systems

  • Renaissance scientists and engineers
  • Engineering philosophy of electric vehicles
  • Rapid adoption of new electric vehicles
  • Comparison of information and energy

Optimal scheduling with vehicle-to-grid ancillary services

  • System architecture
  • System model and problem formulation
  • Decentralized scheduling algorithm

Vehicle-to-home, vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle-to-grid energy systems

  • Vehicle-to-home
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle
  • Vehicle-to-grid

Vehicle-to-grid power interface

  • AC/DC rectifiers
  • DC/DC converters
  • Three-stage power interface

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