Power Line Communications Principles, Standards and Applications from Multimedia to Smart Grid

Title: Power Line Communications Principles, Standards and Applications from Multimedia to Smart Grid (2nd Edition)

The author: Lutz Lampe, Andrea M Tonello, Theo G Swart

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Channel Characterization

  • Channel Modeling Fundamentals
  • Models for Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage Channels
  • MIMO Channels for PLC
  • Noise and Interference
  • (LVDC) Distribution System, Power Line Communication In-car and On-board Ships

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Parameters for EMC Considerations
  • Electromagnetic Emission and Susceptibility
  • EMC Coordination
  • EMC Standardization and Regulation in Europe for PLC
  • Coupling Between Power Line and other Wireline Communications Systems


  • Coupling Networks Requirements, classifications and application
  • LV Coupling
  • HV Coupling and MV Coupling

Digital Transmission Techniques

  • Single Carrier and Multicarrier Modulation
  • Current and Voltage Modulations
  • Ultra-wideband Modulation with I-UWB transmitter and receiver
  • Impulse Noise Transmission, Detection and Mitigation
  • MIMO Transmission and PLC MIMO Aspects
  • Coding Techniques in Various Protocols and Standards e.g. PRIME, G3-PLC, ITU-T G.9960 and IEEE 1901

Medium Access Control and Layers Above in PLC

  • Protocols for Different Power Line Communications Applications and Domains
  • Multiple-user Resource Allocation
  • Cooperative Power Line Communications

PLC for Home and Industry Automation

  • Home Automation Protocols i.e. X10 Protocol, KNX/EIB PL 110 Standard
  • Power Line Communication Application for Refrigeration Containers Ships
  • Windowed Frequency Hopping System AMIS CX1-Profile
  • DigitalSTROM® PLC Network Components and Installation and Communication

Multimedia PLC Systems

  • QoS Requirements for Multimedia Traffic
  • Optimizing PLC for Multimedia
  • The IEEE 1901 Broadband Over Power Line Standard
  • Performance Evaluation
  • HomePlug AV2
  • Overview of ITU-T G.996x (G.hn)

PLC for Smart Grid

  • PLC Technology Classification, Requirements and Applications
  • Standards e.g. ITU-T G.9902, ITU G.9903, ITU-T G.9904, The IEEE 1901.2
  • HomePlug Green PHY Specification
  • Regulation and Limitation for PLC in USA, Europe and Japan
  • PLC in Telecommunication Backbone Technology, Protective Relaying, Smart Metering
  • PLC for Low Voltage Grid Control in Smart Grid Applications

PLC for Vehicles

  • Advantages of PLC
  • Automotive PLC and PLC in Aircraft and Spacecrafts, Ships and Transit Systems
  • Characteristics of the PLC
  • Noise and Interference, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Real Time Constraints
  • An Experimental Implementation
  • Alternative to and Integration of PLC

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