Book title: Substation Automation Systems Design and Implementation

Author: Evelio Padilla

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Language: English

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About the book:

This book intends to serve the practical needs of different participants in SAS projects with respect to technical matters and also from the management perspective.

Content of the book:

Historical Evolution of Substation Automation Systems (SASs)

Emerging Communication Technologies
Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs)
Networking Media
Communication Standards

Main Functions of Substation Automation Systems

Control Function
Monitoring Function
Alarming Function
Measurement Function
Setting and Monitoring of Protective Relays
Control and Monitoring of the Auxiliary Power System
Voltage Regulation

Impact of the IEC 61850 Standard on SAS Projects

Impact on System Implementation Philosophy
Impact on User Specification
Impact on the Overall Procurement Process
Impact on the Engineering Process
Impact on Project Execution
Impact on Utility Global Strategies
The Contents of the Standard
Dealing with the Standard

Switchyard Level, Equipment and Interfaces

Primary Equipment
Medium and Low Voltage Components
Electrical Connections between Primary Equipment
Substation Physical Layout
Control Requirements at Switchyard Level

Bay Level: Components and Incident Factors

Environmental and Operational Factors
Insulation Considerations in the Secondary System
Switchyard Control Rooms
Attributes of Control Cubicles
The Bay Controller (BC)
Other Bay Level Components
Process Bus

Station Level: Facilities and Functions

Main Control House
Station Controller
Human Machine Interface HMI
External Alarming
Time Synchronization Facility
Protocol Conversion Task
Station Bus
Station LAN

System Functionalities

Control Function
Monitoring Function
Protection Function
Measuring Function
Metering Function
Report Generation Function
Device Parameterization Function

System Inputs and Outputs

Signals Associated with Primary Equipment
Signals Associated with the Auxiliary Power System
Signals Associated with Collateral Systems

System Engineering

Overall System Engineering
Bay Level Engineering
Station Level Engineering
Functionalities Engineering
Auxiliary Power System Engineering
Project Drawings List
The SAS Engineering Process from the Standard IEC 61850 Perspective

Communication with the Remote Control Center

Communication Pathway
Brief on Digital Communication
Overview of the Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3)

System Attributes

System Concept
Network Topology
Redundancy Options
Quality Attributes
Provisions for Extendibility in Future
Cyber‐Security Considerations
SAS Performance Requirements

Tests on SAS Components

Type Tests
Acceptance Tests
Tests for Checking the Compliance with the Standard IEC 61850

Factory Acceptance Tests

Test Arrangement
System Simulator
Hardware Description
Software Identification
Test Instruments
Documentation to be Available
Checking System Feature
Planned Testing Program for FAT
Nonstructured FATs
After FATs

Commissioning Process

Hardware Description
Software Identification
Test Instruments
Required Documentation
Engineering Tools
Spare Parts
Planned Commissioning Tests
Nonstructured Commissioning Tests
List of Pending Points

Training Strategies for Power Utilities

Project‐Related Training
Corporate Training

Planning and Development of SAS Projects

System Specification
Contracting Process
Definition of the Definitive Solution
Design and Engineering
System Integration
Factory Acceptance Tests
Site Installation
Commissioning Process
Project Management
Security Issues
Documentation and Change Control

Quality Management for SAS Projects

Looking for Quality in Component Capabilities and Manufacturing
Looking for Quality during the Engineering Stage
Looking for Quality in the Cubicle Assembly Stage
Looking for Quality during FAT
Looking for Quality during Installation and Commissioning
Use of Appropriate Device Documentation

SAS Engineering Process According to Standard IEC 61850

SCL Files
Engineering Tools
Engineering Process

Future Technological Trends

Toward the Full Digital Substation
Looking for New Testing Strategies on SAS Schemes
Wide Area Control and Monitoring Based on the IEC/TR 61850–90–5
Integration of IEC 61850 Principles into Innovative Smart

Samples of Equipment and System Signal Lists

Signals List Related to Circuit Breakers (Each One)
Signals List Related to Collateral Devices
Signals List Related to the Auxiliary Power System
Signals List Related to the SAS Itself

Project Drawing List: Titles and Contents

General Interest Drawings
Electromechanical Drawings (High Voltage Equipment and Control Facilities
Electromechanical Drawings (Control, Protection, Measurement
and Communications)
Electromechanical Drawings (Auxiliary Power System)

Essential Tips Related to Networking Technology

Computer Network
Network Topology
Network Structure
Communication Protocols
Geographical Scale of Network
Network Structure
Communication System
Object‐Oriented Programming
Programming Tool or Software Development Tool

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