Make Electronics Learning by Discovery

Book Title: Make Electronics Learning by Discovery

Writer: Charles Platt

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Volume: 552 pages

File Size: 10.9 MB

Overview of This Book:

Everyone uses electronic devices, but most of us don’t really know what goes
on inside them.
Of course, you may feel that you don’t need to know. If you can drive a car
without understanding the workings of an internal combustion engine, presumably
you can use an iPod without knowing anything about integrated circuits.
However, understanding some basics about electricity and electronics
can be worthwhile for three reasons:

  1. By learning how technology works, you become better able to control
    your world instead of being controlled by it. When you run into problems,
    you can solve them instead of feeling frustrated by them.
  2. Learning about electronics can be fun—so long as you approach the process
    in the right way. The tools are relatively cheap, you can do all the work
    on a tabletop, and it doesn’t consume a lot of time (unless you want it to).
  3. Knowledge of electronics can enhance your value as an employee or perhaps
    even lead to a whole new career.

Content of this Book:

Experiencing Electricity

  • Shopping List
  • Taste the Power!
  • Let’s Abuse a Battery!
  • Your First Circuit
  • Varying the Voltage
  • Let’s Make a Battery

Switching Basics and More

  • Shopping List
  • Very Simple Switching
  • Relay-Driven LEDs
  • A Relay Oscillator
  • Time and Capacitors
  • Transistor Switching
  • A Modular Project

Getting Somewhat More Serious

  • Shopping List
  • Joining Two Wires Together
  • Broil an LED
  • A Pulsing Glow
  • Intrusion Alarm Revisited

Chips, Ahoy!

  • Shopping List s Through
  • Emitting a Pulse
  • Set Your Tone
  • Reaction Timer
  • Learning Logic
  • A Powerful Combination
  • Race to Place
  • Flipping and Bouncing
  • Nice Dice
  • Intrusion Alarm Completed

What Next?

  • Shopping List
  • Customizing Your Work Area
  • Reference Sources
  • Magnetism
  • Tabletop Power Generation
  • Loudspeaker Destruction
  • Making a Coil React
  • Filtering Frequencies
  • Fuzz
  • One Radio, No Solder, No Power
  • A Little Robot Cart
  • Moving in Steps
  • Hardware Meets Software
  • Checking the Real World
  • The Lock, Revisited
  • In Closing

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