5G, a whole new world of the wireless network!

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Although the launch time yet to be announced, the 5th generation of wireless network technology known as- 5G is expected to be implemented 2020 onwards.

– The 5G wireless network is expected to officially launch across the world by end of 2020

– The US, China, Japan, South Korea, UK are expected to be some of the first nations to install full 5G networks.

– So many companies are trying to make sure their networks and devices are ‘5G ready’ in time for 2020, meaning some networks may launch before then.

– 5g phones 2019: recently Samsung has launched their Galaxy S10 which is a 5G enabled device. Huawei, Nokia will launch its 5G enabled mobile phones in 2019

5G will offer connections that are 50 to 100 times faster than current connections, with average download speeds of around 1Gbps to 10Gbps expected to soon be the norm.

That’s insane, right?

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless broadband technology based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE) standard IEEE802.11ac (IEEE 802 is a family of IEEE standards which is dealing with local and metropolitan area networks).

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From 1G to 4G LTE, each generation of network technology has been motivated by the need for speed and other cellular services. This table will help you to understand each generation of network technology

So, the 5G is going to be the next big revolutionary thing in wireless network technology. American networking companies like Sprint, Verizon and German company T-mobile have already announced their goals, the companies are already tasting and manufacturing technology for 5G.

What changes we will see in 5G over 4G LTE?

  1. Speed: about 50 to 100 times faster network in 5G
  2. Frequency band: 4G operates in 2-8GHz, 5G will operate in 3-300GHz
  3. Services: 4G offers dynamic information access, wearable devices, HD streaming, global roaming. 5G will offer all of these services including 4K video streaming, immersive gaming experience etc.
  4. The 5G networks will pioneer new architectures like cloud RAN (Radio Access Network) and virtual RAN to facilitate a more centralized network establishment and make the best use of server farms through localized data centers at the network edges.
  5. 100+ billions of connection with less than 1-millisecond latency.

Here is an illustration of the latency difference between 4G and 5G-

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According to GSMA Set to arrive within the next 2 years, 5G could account for as many as 1.2 billion connections by 2025.

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