This is another user friendly tutorial for making a very simple IR Remote decoder using an Arduino and IR receiver. This tutorial will cover everything from setting up the software to using the IR Receiver and decoding the signals . These signals can be used later for multiple projects including IR Remote control Robot , Home automation and similar IR controlled projects.


  • Arduino UNO
  • IR receiver (I have used 1838)
  • Breadboard with Jumper wires
  • Arduino IDE

Check out this tutorial to learn more about Arduino.

Making Connections:

First check the PinOut diagram of the IR receiver you have. IR receivers have 3 pins, +ve , GND and Out. Before using any receive make sure you know these pins. If connected improperly the setup won’t work and you will find it difficult to figure it out. The best way to find the Pinouts is by Googling the part name with the suffix “pinout diagram”.

Make the following connections :-

  • Connect +ve pin of receiver to 3.3v of Arduino.
  • GND pin of receiver to GND of Arduino.
  • Out pin of receiver to Digital pin 2 of Arduino.

Now connect the Arduino board to computer as we need to upload the code and monitor the IR pulses.

Setting Up The IDE:

For using IR applications first you need to add an IR library to the IDE or the program won’t work. To add the library first download the files: IR library

  • Extract the download file.
  • Copy the extracted folder.
  • Goto >> C drive >> Programs Files (x86) >> Arduino >> Libraries.
  • Paste the folder here.
  • Restart the IDE.

Uploading The Code & Testing

Output on Serial Monitor

First download the code IRDecoder.ino and upload it to the Arduino board.

Once the code is uploaded, Goto tools and select serial monitor.

The Arduino should restart/rest and you are ready to collect the codes of your remote. Just point the remote towards the IR receiver and press the button you have to decode the signal of. A hexadecimal value will appear on the screen, these are the IR codes you need to note which will be needed for future IR remote operated projects.

If you find anything difficult or come across any problem, Feel free to comment.

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