Title: Simple Projects, You Can Make At Home

Writter: EFY Publications

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Language: English

Volume: 302 pages

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Content summary:

Alarm Circuits

  • Electronic Bell System
  • All-In-One Alarm
  • Multichannel Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Sensing System
  • Tune Musical Door Bell
  • Burglar Alarm to Protect Your Home
  • Auto Shut-Off Door Lock Alarm

Controller and Indicator Circuits

  • Digital Water-Level Indicator-Cum-Pump Controller
  • Ultrasonic Lamp Brightness Controller
  • Sound Operated On/Off Switch
  • Remote Controlled Sophisticated Electronic Code Lock
  • DTMF -Channel Switching Via Powerline
  • DTMF Remote Control System
  • Automatic Room Light Controller
  • A Unique Liquid Level Indicator
  • Intelligent Water Level Controller
  • Automatic Submersible Pump Controller
  • Tripping Sequence Recorder-Cum-Indicator
  • Electrolysis-Proof Complete Water-Level Solution
  • Long-Range Remote Control
  • Remote Controlled Switch Board
  • Multiple Control Remote Switch
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • Auto-Changing In/out Indicator with Door-Bell
  • Safety Indicators and Aids
  • Watchdog For Your Mains
  • Auto Protection For Refrigerator
  • Clap-Operated Remote Control for Fans
  • Refrigerator Temperature Controller
  • A Volunteer in the Kitchen
  • A Day Indicator With Alphabetical Display

Display and Lighting Circuits

  • Economical UPS For Cordless Phones
  • Multi-Feature Emergency Light
  • Novel Mains Running Lights
  • Spectacular Spectra
  • Dynamic Psychedelic Lights
  • Multilingual Numerical Display
  • Electronic Advertisement Display
  • Make Yourself This Beeper-Cum-Flasher

Timer and Clock Circuits

  • Digital Clock Using Discrete ICs
  • Digital Clock With Seconds And Alarm Time Display
  • Simple Digital Clock With Hourly Music
  • Digital Dial Clock
  • Programmable Digital Timer-Cum-Clock
  • Revolving Seconds Display
  • Kettle Timer
  • Melodious Digital Timepiece
  • Improve Your Digital Clock
  • Add Hourly Chime To Your Digital Clock
  • LED ‘Analogue’ Clock
  • Make Yourself This Crystal-Controlled Electronic Digital Clock

Game Projects

  • MGMA—A Mighty Gadget With Multiple Applications
  • Digital Number Shooting Game
  • Party Game: How Old Are You?
  • Electronics Housie Player
  • Digital Scoreboard
  • Yoka Fun Box
  • Video Car-Racing Game
  • Make Yourself The Mind Reader — An Interesting Game
  • Make Yourself This Digital Birth Date Teller As a Party Game

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