Title: Power System Analysis and Design (SI Edition Fifth Edition)

The author: J Duncan Glover, Mulukutla S Sarma, Thomas Overbye

File format: PDF

Book volume: 850 Pages

File size: 19.4 MB



  • Case Study: The Future Beckons: Will the Electric Power Industry Heed the Call


  • Case Study: Making Microgrids Work

Power Transformers

  • Case Study: PJM Manages Aging Transformer Fleet

Transmission Line Parameters

  • Case Study: Transmission Line Conductor Design Comes of Age
  • Case Study: Six Utilities Share Their Perspectives on Insulators

Transmission Lines: Steady-State Operation

  • Case Study: The ABCs of HVDC Transmission Technologies

Power Flows

  • Case Study: Future Vision
  • Case Study: Characteristics of Wind Turbine Generators for Wind Power Plants

Symmetrical Faults

  • Case Study: The Problem of Arcing Faults in Low-Voltage Power Distribution Systems

Symmetrical Components

  • Case Study: Circuit Breakers Go High Voltage

Unsymmetrical Faults

  • Case Study: Fires at U.S. Utilities

System Protection

  • Case Study: The Future of Power Transmission

Transient Stability

  • Case Study: Real-Time Dynamic Security Assessment

Power System Controls

  • Case Study: Overcoming Restoration Challenges Associated with Major Power System Disturbances

Transmission Lines: Transient Operation

  • Case Study: VariSTAR8 Type AZE Surge Arresters
  • Case Study: Change in the Air

Power Distribution

  • Case Study: The Path of the Smart Grid

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