Power System Analysis and Design

Title: Power System Analysis and Design (Sixth Edition)

The author: J Duncan Glover, Mulukutla S Sarma, Thomas Overbye

File format: PDF

Book volume: 962 Pages

File size: 56.4 MB



  • Case Study: How the Free Market Rocked the Grid


  • Case Study: Key Connections

Power Transformers

  • Case Study: Power Transformers—Life Management and Extension

Transmission Line Parameters

  • Case Study: Integrating North America’s Power Grid
  • Case Study: Grid Congestion – Unclogging the Arteries

Transmission Lines: Steady-State Operation

  • Case Study: The ABCs of HVDC Transmission Technologies: An Overview of High Voltage Direct Current Systems and Applications

Power Flows

  • Case Study: Finding Flexibility—Cycling the Conventional Fleet

Symmetrical Faults

  • Case Study: Short-Circuit Modeling of a Wind Power Plant

Symmetrical Components

  • Case Study: Technological Progress in High-Voltage Gas-Insulated Substations

Unsymmetrical Faults

  • Case Study: Innovative Medium Voltage Switchgear for Today’s Applications

System Protection

  • Case Study: Upgrading Relay Protection Be Prepared for the Next Replacement or Upgrade Project

Transient Stability

  • Case Study: Down, but Not Out

Power System Controls

  • Case Study: No Light in August: Power System Restoration Following the 2003 North American Blackout

Transmission Lines: Transient Operation

  • Case Study: Surge Arresters
  • Case Study: Emergency Response


  • Case Study: It’s All in the Plans

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