Tunable RF Components and Circuits Applications in Mobile Handsets

Title: Tunable RF Components and Circuits Applications in Mobile Handsets

Editor: Jeffrey L. Hilbert and Krzysztof Iniewski

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Volume: 552 pages

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Overview of this Book:

Tunable RF’s time is here. This book serves as a snapshot of the state of the art in tunable RF circa 2015.
The book is written by leading practitioners in the field, and between writers, they comprise a majority of today’s commercial market share for tunable devices in mobile handset applications. The goal of the book is to provide a technical introduction to the field and to document the foundational work that has been done to date.

Content of the Book:

  • Tunable RF Market Overview by Jeffrey L. Hilbert
  • RFSOI Technologies on HR Silicon Substrates for Reconfigurable Wireless Solutions by Julio Costa
  • BST Technology for Mobile Applications by James G. Oakes and David W. Laks
  • Tuned Antennas for Embedded Applications by Frank Caimi
  • Tunable and Adaptive Antenna Systems by Laurent Desclos, Sebastian Rowson, and Jeff Shamblin
  • Effective Antenna Aperture Tuning with RF-MEMS by Larry Morrell and Paul Tornatta
  • RF-CMOS Impedance Tuners: Performance Metrics and Design Trade-Offs by Tero Ranta
  • Handset Antenna Tuning Using BST by Paul McIntosh
  • Aperture-Tunable Antennas: Handset OEM Perspective by Ping Shi
  • Power Amplifier Envelope Tracking by Jeremy Hendy and Gerard Wimpenny
  • MEMS Switching in the Handset RF Front End by Igor Lalicevic
  • Case Study of Tunable Radio Architectures by Alpaslan Demir and Tanbir Haque
  • Network Operator Perspectives by Yuang Lou
  • Testing Wireless Devices in Manufacturing by Rob Brownstein and Minh-Chau Huynh

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