Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters by Rudolf F. Graf and William Sheets

Book Title: Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters

Authors: Rudolf F. Graf and William Sheets

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Volume: 305 pages

File Size: 9.76 MB

About the book:

Hobbyists, technicians, amateur radio operators, and general radio enthusiasts of all skill levels will find this book beneficial; however, the content is designed primarily with the needs of intermediate to advanced radio electronics technicians and experimenters in mind. For successful completion of the projects, some experience is assumed on the part of the experimenter. Project areas covered include RF circuitry and digital techniques. PC board construction is largely used with some surface mount construction where necessary. A few of the projects also use microcontrollers.

This book contains construction details for audio and video transmitters operating at frequencies from 150 kHz to 1300 MHz for Part 15 operation and for Novice Class Amateur use. Included are several low-power AM and FM audio transmitters, from simple, discrete designs to sophisticated PLL-synthesized types.
This book also offers chapters on a frequency-synthesized AM broadcast transmitter for 150-1710 kHz, two FM transmitter designs for 88-108 MHz stereo operation, using PLL synthesis digital readouts and microprocessor control, several low-power (0.5-2 watt) TV transmitters covering the 440, 900, and 1300 MHz amateur bands, a data transmitter and receiver, and a chapter on video reception techniques for the special frequencies used.

Content of the book:

Low-Power Transmitters, General
Basic Oscillator, Master Oscillator–Power Amplifier,
Heterodyne Mixer–Power Amplifier

Basic Building Blocks
Oscillators, Amplifiers, Multipliers, Modulators, Frequency Synthesizer (PLL) Circuits

Simple Low-Power Transmitters for Experimenters
Wireless Microphone, Baby Monitor, Room “Bug”, Telephone Line “Bug”, AM Transmitter

50 mW VFO-Controlled AM Transmitter for 530-1710 kHz

PLL Synthesized AM Transmitter for 530-1710 kHz
Parts List, DIP Switch Settings, Filter Settings, Programming

VFO Controlled FM Monaural Transmitter for 88-108 MHz

Basic FM Stereo Signal Generation Techniques

PLL Synthesized FM Stereo Transmitter for 88-108 MHz
Circuit Operation, Construction Procedure, Test and Setup Procedure, Packaging Considerations, Frequency Programming, Applications, Operation Outside the United States, Frequency Programming Chart

Microprocessor-Controlled FM Stereo Transmitter for 88-108 MHz
MPX2000 Theory of Operation, MPX2000 Circuitry, Construction of the MPX2000

20 mW Low-Power TV Transmitter

0.5-Watt TV Transmitter for R/C Vehicles

2-Watt TV Transmitter for R/C and Amateur TV for 440 MHz
General Description, Circuit Operation, Construction Procedures, Tuneup Procedure

1-Watt TV Transmitters for 902-928 MHz and 1240-1300 MHz
General Description, Circuit Operation, Construction Procedures, Tuneup Procedure

Experimental 20 mW 915 MHz PLL FM TV Transmitter

Receiving Converters and IF Systems for Low-Power ATV Transmitters
Video IF Systems for Use with Downconverters, Theory of Operation, Tuneup

Low-Power Narrowband FM Audio Transmitters

Serial Data Transmit-Receive System for Remote Control

RF Field-Strength Meter for 500 kHz to 3 GHz Transmitter
Circuit Operation, Test Procedure, Packaging

Low-Power CW Transmitter for 40 Meters

Single Sideband Basics

Basic Single Sideband Generator/Exciter Unit

1-Watt CW Transmitter for the 1750-Meter “LOWFER” Band

Simple CW Identifier

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