Make Basic Arduino Projects 26 Experiments

Book Title: Make Basic Arduino Projects 26 Experiments with Microcontrollers and Electronics

Writer: Don Wilcher

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Volume: 552 pages

File Size: 10.9 MB

An Overview of the Book:

Written for new makers, Basic Arduino Projects is a practical guide containing 26 projects that you can start on immediately. Learn to build electronic circuits that change their behavior, a light-sensitive switch, and LED projects like the pocket stage light. You’ll learn how to control servo motors (the building blocks of robots) and to create audio projects like a theremin, electronic cricket. and metronome. The only restriction is your imagination.

Project List of the Book:

  1. The Trick Switch
  2. Sunrise-Sunset Light Switch
  3. Tilt Sensing Servo Motor Controller
  4. Twin LEDs
  5. The Opposite Switch
  6. The AND Logic Gate
  7. The OR Logic Gate
  8. Tilt Flasher
  9. Multicolor RGB Flasher
  10. The Magic Light Bulb
  11. Metal Checker: The Electronic Switch
  12. The Theremin
  13. An Arduino Ohmmeter
  14. The LCD News Reader
  15. A Logic Tester (with an RGB LED)
  16. A Logic Tester (with an LCD)
  17. The Amazing Pushbutton (with Processing)
  18. The Terrific Tilt Switch (with Processing)
  19. The Rocket Launching Game (with Processing)
  20. Temperature Indicator (with Processing)
  21. Sweeping Servo
  22. Electronic Cricket
  23. A Pocket Stage Light
  24. Electronic Pixel
  25. The Metronome
  26. The Secret Word Game

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