Build Your Own Electric Bicycle by Matthew Slinn

Book Title: Build Your Own Electric Bicycle

Writer: Matthew Slinn

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Volume: 345 pages

File Size: 7.57 MB

Why would you read this book?

Most people start off with electric bicycles by buying a commercially built one. This is good because it gets you riding straightaway. After you get over the initial novelty of the seemingly magical silent propulsion, you begin to think, “Why can’t it go faster?” This is where this book comes in. It covers buying the best commercial electric bicycle for you, upgrading it for more power and speed, building your own more-powerful electric bicycle, learning new skills and how things work, repairing your electric bicycle when it breaks down, and adding modifications to improve it.

Content of the book:


  • What Are Electric Bicycles?
  • Why Electric Bicycles?
  • Safety with Electric Bicycles
  • Legality of Electric Bicycles

Your First Electric Bicycle

Commercial Electric Bicycles

Build Your Own Electric Bicycle

  • Why Build Your Own Electric Bicycle?
  • What Do You Want from Your Electric Bicycle?
  • Types of Electric Bicycles You Can Build
  • How to Build Your Own Electric Bicycle from a Hub Motor Kit

Electric Bicycle Components

  • Motors
  • Controllers
  • Batteries
  • Chargers and Battery Charging

How to Maintain and Repair Electric Bicycles

  • Equipment for Maintaining Electric Bicycles
  • Diagnosis: Finding the Problem
  • Maintaining Electric Bicycle Components
  • Repairing Electric Bicycle Components

Projects for Electric Bicycles

  • Performance Modifications
  • Safety Modifications
  • Other Modifications
  • Glossary of Terms

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