Title: 5G-Enabled Internet of Things

Edited by: Yulei Wu, Haojun Huang, Cheng-Xiang Wang and Yi Pan

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Volume: 419 pages

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About the Book:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live and work. This book presents state-of-the-art solutions to the theoretical and practical challenges stemming from the integration of 5G enabling technologies into IoTs in support of
a smart 5G-enabled IoT paradigm in terms of network design, operation, management, optimization, privacy and security, and applications.

Content of the Book:

5G-enabled Internet of Things: Architechture and Related Technologies

  • 5G Cloud, Mobile, and Edge Computing for Internet of Things
  • Emerging Challenges and Requirements for Internet of Things in 5G
  • Network Functions Virtualization–Based Internet of Things in 5G Networks
  • Exploring the Next Generation of the Internet of Things in the 5G Era
  • Achieving Scalability in the 5G-Enabled Internet of Things

4G Access Network for the Internet of Things

  • 5G Small Cells: The Harbinger of the Internet of Things and Connected Living
  • Mobile Edge Computing for the 5G Internet of Things
  • Millimeter-Wave 5G-Enabled Internet of Things
  • Algorithms and Performance Analysis for Narrowband Internet of Things and Broadband Long-Term Evolution Coexisting System
  • Internet of Things Wireless Spectrum Sharing for Radio Access
  • Random Access Modeling for the Cellular-Based Massive Internet of Things

Privacy and Security Issues

  • Privacy and Security Issues in the 5G-Enabled Internet of Things
  • Privacy-Preserving Techniques for the 5G-Enabled Location- Based Services
  • Blockchain Technology for the 5G-Enabled Internet of Things Systems: Principle, Applications and Challenges

Emerging Applications of the 5G-enabled Internet of Things

  • Searching for Internet-of-Things Resources: Requirements and Outlook
  • Applications of the Internet of Things and Fog Computing for Community Safety toward the 5G Era
  • Tactile Internet over Fiber-Wireless–Enhanced LTE-A HetNets via Artificial Intelligence-Embedded Multi-Access Edge Computing
  • Smart Power Management Internet of Things System with 5G
  • and LoRa Hybrid Wireless Networks

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