Title: 100 Electrical Interview Questions and Answers Book

The author: Engineering Books

File format: PDF

Book volume: 112 pages

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Attitude to answer the personal questions asked in an interview session. Basic electrical questions (with answers) generally asked in interviews. Topics covered are:

  • Differential Amplifier and CMRR
  • Star Delta starter in induction motor
  • Generator and Alternator
  • AC System and DC System
  • The relation between the Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering
  • Transmission Cables
  • Back e.m.f. in DC motor
  • Application of storage batteries
  • Starting of synchronous motor
  • Different types of motor
  • Electrical Theorems
  • Transformer losses
  • DC Motors and uses
  • Communication in DC Machine
  • Significance of power factor
  • Aero turbine
  • VSCF wind electrical system
  • Different powers related in ac circuits
  • Top 12 job tips for electrical interview

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