Newnes Engineering Science Pocket Book by John Bird

Title: Newnes Engineering Science Pocket Book (3rd Edition)

The author: John Bird

File format: PDF

Book volume: 651 Pages

File size: 6.36 MB


General Engineering Science

  • Scalar and vector quantities
  • Atomic structure of matter and Chemical reactions
  • Standard quantity symbols and their units

Mechanical Engineering and Physical Science

  • Speed and velocity, Acceleration
  • Force, mass and acceleration
  • Centre of gravity and equilibrium, Forces acting at a point
  • Simply supported beams, Shearing force and bending moments, Bending stress
  • Linear and angular motion, Friction
  • Waves, Interference and diffraction, Light rays
  • Work, energy and power, Potential and kinetic energy
  • Simple machines, The effects of forces on materials
  • Tensile testing, Hardness and impact tests, Measurement of strain
  • Linear momentum and impulse, Torque
  • Heat energy, Thermal expansion, The measurement of temperature
  • Pressure in fluids, Measurement of pressure, Ideal gas laws
  • Properties of water and steam, Surface tension and viscosity
  • Fluids in motion, Measurement of fluid flow
  • Simple harmonic motion and natural vibrations

Electrical Engineering Science

  • An introduction to electric circuits
  • Resistance variation, Chemical effects of electricity
  • Series and parallel networks, Capacitors and capacitance
  • Magnetic circuits, Magnetic materials, Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetic induction and inductance, Magnetically coupled circuits
  • Electrical measuring instruments and measurements
  • Semiconductor diodes, Transistors
  • D.c. circuit theory, Alternating voltages and currents
  • Single-phase series & parallel a.c. circuits
  • D.c. transients, Operational amplifiers
  • Three-phase systems and Transformers
  • D.c. machines, A.c. motors
  • Application of complex numbers to series & parallel a.c. circuits
  • Power in a.c. circuits and power factor improvement
  • A.c. bridges, Series & Parallel resonance and Q-factor
  • Introduction to network analysis, Mesh-current and nodal analysis
  • The superposition theorem, Th´evenin’s and Norton’s theorems
  • Delta-star and star-delta transformations
  • Maximum power transfer theorems and impedance matching
  • Complex waveforms, A numerical method of harmonic analysis
  • Dielectrics and dielectric loss, Field theory
  • Attenuators & Filter networks
  • Modulation & Transmission lines

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