Pro Arduino Apress By Rick Anderson and Dan Cervo

Title: Pro Arduino Apress

The Author: Rick Anderson and Dan Cervo

Format: PDF

Volume: 305 pages

File Size: 2.9MB


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About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Arduino 1.0.4 Core Changes
Chapter 2: Arduino Development and Social Coding
Chapter 3: openFrameworks and Arduino
Chapter 4: Android ADK
Chapter 5: XBees
Chapter 6: Simulating Sensors
Chapter 7: PID Controllers
Chapter 8: Android Sensor Networks
Chapter 9: Using Arduino with PIC32 and ATtiny Atmel Chips
Chapter 10: Multiprocessing: Linking the Arduino for More Power
Chapter 11: Game Development with Arduino
Chapter 12: Writing Your Own Arduino Libraries
Chapter 13: Arduino Test Suite

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