Title: The Telecommunications Handbook Engineering Guidelines For Fixed, Mobile And Satellite Systems


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Book volume: 1007 Pages

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  1. Introduction
  2. Standardization and Regulation
  3. Telecommunications Principles
  4. Protocols
  5. Connectivity and Payment
  6. Fixed Telecommunications Networks
  7. Data Networks
  8. Telecommunications Network Services and Applications
  9. Transmission Networks
  10. Modulation and Demodulation
  11. 3GPP Mobile Communications: GSM
  12. 3GPP Mobile Communications: WCDMA and HSPA
  13. 3GPP Mobile Communications: LTE/SAE and LTE-A
  14. Wireless LAN and Evolution
  15. Terrestrial Broadcast Networks
  16. Satellite Systems: Communications
  17. Satellite Systems: Location Services and Telemetry
  18. Other and Special Networks
  19. Security Aspects of Telecommunications: 3GPP Mobile Networks
  20. Planning of 2G Networks
  21. Planning of Advanced 3G Networks
  22. Planning of Mobile TV Networks
  23. Planning of Core Networks
  24. EMF – Radiation Safety and Health Aspects
  25. Deployment and Transition of Telecommunication Systems
  26. Wireless Network Measurements

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