Book title: Electronics and Communications Engineering Applications and Innovations

Edited by: T. Kishore Kumar, Ravi Kumar Jatoth and V. V. Mani

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Volume: 429 pages

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Brief about the book:

This book offers detailed knowledge of electronics and communication aspects on the following Microwave and Antennas, Communication Systems, Very Large-Scale Integration, Embedded Systems, Intelligent Control, Signal Processing Systems, and more.

Content of the book:

Microwave and Antennas

Sierpinski Diamond Fractal Antenna Array Using a Mitered Bend Feed Network for Multiband Applications
Sierpinski Diamond Fractal Antenna Array Using a Quarter-Wave Feed Network for Wireless Applications
Novel CPW-Fed Triangular-Shaped Antenna for Wideband Applications
Multiband Four Port MIMO Antenna Using Metamaterials
E-Shape Top-Loaded Octagonal Patch Antenna for Small-Frequency Applications
A Survey on Miniaturization of Circularly Polarized Antennas for Future Wireless Communications
Hybrid Beam Steerable Phased Array Antenna for SATCOM OTM
Superstrate-Loaded Square-Patch Antenna Analysis
Implementation of GFDM Transceiver

Communication Systems

Achievable Sum Spectral Efficiency Analysis of Massive MIMO with a MMSE-SIC Receiver
Neighbor Nodes Discovery Schemes in a Wireless Sensor Network: A Comparative Performance Study
Hybrid Overlay/Underlay Transmission: An Efficient Mechanism to Encourage Primary Users to Cooperate with Secondary Users
OFDM-Based Packet Transceiver on USRP Using Labview

Very Large-Scale Integration

An Efficient System Design for a 32 Bit Sum-Product Operator in Modified Booth Form Using Fusion Technique
Design of an Improved Fault Coverage Programmable Pseudorandom Pattern Generator for Bist
Design of 4-2 Compressor Using XOR–XNOR Blocks for High-Speed Arithmetic Circuits
Implementation of a New VLSI Architecture for Add–Multiply Operators Using a Modified Booth Recoding Technique
Design of a Baugh–Wooley Multiplier in Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Using an Area Optimized Full Adder

Embedded Systems

Design and Analysis of a Hybrid 4-2 Approximate Compressor for Multiplication
Cost-Effective Implementation of Digital Karaoke
Developing a Simple and Economic Voice Control Mechanism for Operating Home Appliances
Multilevel Boost Converter Implementation for Photovoltaic Applications
Proposal for Economic Implementation of Precision Farming in India
Development of SDC–SDF Architecture for Radix-2 FFT
Advanced Touch Screen System for Elderly People
Applications of Microcontrollers
Design and Performance Analysis of Various Adders for an Accumulation Unit of RRC Filter

Intelligent Control and Signal Processing Systems

A New Hybrid DE–TLBO Optimization Algorithm for Controller Design and Global Optimization
Performance Comparison of PSO Algorithms for Mobile Robot Path Planning in Complex Environments
Implementation of an Efficient and Fully Automated Magnetic Resonance Image Segmentation through Machine Learning
Adaptive Pillar K Means Algorithm to Detect Colon Cancer from Biopsy Samples

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