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Title: Electrical Installation Work

The Author: Brian Scaddan

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Content in details:

Basic information and calculations

  • Units, Indices, Simple algebra, Manipulation or transposition of formula
  • The theorem of Pythagoras, Basic trigonometry, Areas and volumes


  • Molecules and atoms, Potential difference, Electron and conventional current flow
  • Conductors and insulators, Electrical quantities, Ohm’s law, Electricity and the human body, Types and sources of supply
  • Voltage bands, Measuring current and voltage, Components of a circuit
  • Self-assessment questions

Resistance, current and voltage, power and energy

  • Resistance, Voltage, Power, Electrical energy, Water heating, Efficiency
  • Self-assessment questions


  • Magnetism, Electromagnetism, Application of magnetic effects
  • Waveform of an alternating quantity, Root-mean-square (r.m.s.), Average value
  • Three-phase a.c. generator, Inductance, Induced e.m.f. due to change in flux
  • Self-inductance, Mutual inductance, Time constant, Graphical derivation of current growth curve
  • Energy stored in a magnetic field, Inductance in a.c. circuits
  • Resistance and inductance in series (RL circuits) , Impedance
  • Resistance and inductance in parallel, Power in a.c. circuits, Transformers
  • Self-assessment questions

Capacitors and capacitance

  • Capacitors, Capacitance, Dimensions of capacitors, Capacitors in series & parallel
  • Capacitors in d.c. &  a.c. circuits, Capacitive reactance
  • Resistance and capacitance in series & parallel, Working voltage
  • Applications of capacitors, Self-assessment questions

Resistance, inductance and capacitance in installation work

  • Power factor improvement with self-assessment questions

Three-phase circuits

  • Star-delta connections, The neutral conductor, Current and voltage distribution
  • Measurement of power in three-phase systems, Self-assessment questions

Motors and generators

  • Direct-current motors, Alternating-current motors, Starters, Installing a motor
  • Fault location and repairs to a.c. machines, Power factor of a.c. motors
  • Motor ratings, Self-assessment questions

Cells and batteries

  • General background, The primary cell, The secondary cell, Cell and battery circuits
  • Self-assessment questions

Illumination and ELV lighting

  • Light sources, Calculation of lighting requirements, Self-assessment questions

Electricity, the environment and the community

  • Environmental effects of the generation of electricity
  • Purpose and function of the National Grid
  • Generation, transmission and distribution systems
  • The aesthetic effects of the siting of generation and transmission plant

Health and safety

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  • Personal Protective Equipment Regulations (PPE)
  • Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM)
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH)
  • The Building Regulations, General safety, The mechanics of lifting and handling
  • Work, load and effort, Access equipment, The joining of materials, Fire safety
  • Electrical safety, First aid

The electrical contracting industry

  • Sample specification, Cost of materials and systems

Installation materials and tools

  • Cables, Jointing and terminations, Plastics, Conduit, Trunking, Traywork
  • Fixing and tools, Comparison of systems, Self-assessment questions

Installation circuits and systems

  • Lighting circuits & layouts, Power circuits, Space heating systems, Thermostats
  • Installation systems, Industrial & Multi-storey installations, Off-peak supplies
  • Alarm and emergency systems, Call systems, Emergency lighting systems
  • Central heating systems, Extra-low-voltage lighting, Choice of system

Earthing and bonding

  • Earth electrode resistance, Earthing systems, Earth fault loop impedence
  • Residual current devices, Supplementary bonding, Self-assessment questions


  • Protection & Control, Points to note (IEE Reglations)

Circuit and design

  • Design procedure, Design current, Nominal setting of protection, Correction factors
  • Current-carrying capacity, Choice of cable size, Voltage drop, Shock risk
  • Thermal constraints, Example of circuit design, Design problem


  • Measurement of electrical quantities, current & voltage
  • General instruments, Test instruments, Approved test lamps and indicators
  • Accidental RCD operation, Calibration, zeroing and care of instruments
  • Testing continuity of protective & ring final circuit conductors, Insulation resistance
  • Testing polarity, earth fault loop impedance, earth electrode resistance
  • External loop impedance Ze, Prospective fault current, Functional testing
  • Periodic inspection, Certification, Inspection and testing, Fault finding

Basic electronics technology

  • Electronics components, Semi-conductors, Rectification, Electronics diagrams
  • Self-assessment questions

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