Title: Basic Electronics

The Author: Debashis De

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Semiconductor Fundamentals

  • Crystalline Materials
  • Basis of Classification: Metals, Semiconductors and Insulators
  • Intrinsic Semiconductors
  • Extrinsic Semiconductors
  • Electrical Conduction Phenomenon
  • The Continuity Equation

Diode Fundamentals

  • Formation of the p–n Junction
  • Energy Band Diagrams
  • Concepts of Junction Potential
  • Modes of the p–n Junction
  • Derivation of the I–V Characteristics of a p–n Junction Diode
  • Linear Piecewise Models
  • Breakdown Diode
  • Special Types of p–n Junction Semiconductor Diodes
  • Applications of Diode

Diode Circuits

  • Introduction
  • Analysis of Diode Circuits
  • Load Line and Q-Point
  • Zener Diode as Voltage Regulator
  • Rectifiers
  • Clipper and Clamper Circuits
  • Comparators
  • Additional Diode Circuits

BJT Fundamentals

  • Formation of p–n–p and n–p–n Junctions
  • Transistor Mechanism
  • Energy Band Diagrams
  • Transistor Current Components
  • CB, CE and CC Configurations
  • Expression for Current Gain
  • Transistor Characteristics
  • Operating Point and the Concept of Load Line
  • Early Effect

BJT Circuits

  • Biasing and Bias Stability
  • Calculation of Stability Factors
  • CE, CB Modes and Their Properties
  • Small-Signal Low-Frequency Operation of Transistors
  • Equivalent Circuits Through Hybrid Parameters
  • Transistor as Amplifier
  • Expressions of Current Gain, Input Resistance, Voltage Gain and Output Resistance
  • Frequency Response for CE Amplifier with and without Source Impedance
  • Emitter Follower
  • Darlington Pair
  • Transistor at High Frequencies
  • Real-Life Applications of the Transistor

Field-Effect Transistor

  • The Field-Effect Transistor
  • Construction of the JFET
  • Biasing of the JFET
  • Current–Voltage Characteristics
  • Transfer Characteristics of the JFET
  • Construction and Characteristics of the MOSFET
  • Complementary MOS
  • Real-Life Applications of the FET

FET Circuits

  • FET Biasing
  • FET as an Amplifier
  • Electrical Parameters of the FET
  • AC Equivalent Circuit for Small-Signal Analysis
  • High-Frequency MOSFET Model
  • Additional FET Circuits
  • Comparison Between the FET and the BJT

Special Semiconductor Devices

  • Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
  • Triode AC Switch (TRIAC)
  • Diode AC Switch (DIAC)
  • Unijunction Transistor (UJT)
  • Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
  • Real-Life Applications

Feedback Amplifier

  • Conceptual Development Through Block Diagrams
  • Properties of Negative Feedback
  • Calculations of Open-Loop Gain, Closed-Loop Gain and Feedback Factors
  • Topologies of the Feedback Amplifier
  • Effect of Feedback on Gain, Input and Output Impedance
  • Practical Implementations of the Feedback Topologies
  • Sensitivity
  • Bandwidth Stability
  • Effect of Positive Feedback

Fundamentals of Integrated Circuit Fabrication

  • Fundamentals of Integrated Circuits
  • Types of Integrated Circuits
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Integrated Circuits
  • Scale of Integration
  • Crystal Growth and Wafer Preparation
  • Epitaxial Growth
  • Oxidation for Isolation
  • Photolithography for Pattern Transfer
  • Etching for Design
  • Diffusion for Doping
  • Ion Implantation for Doping
  • Metallization for Interconnection
  • Testing for Reliability
  • Packaging Protection
  • IC Symbols
  • Fabrication Steps for Different Circuits
  • Real-Life Applications

Operational Amplifier

  • Properties of the Ideal Operational Amplifier
  • Specifications of IC 741C
  • Operational Amplifier and its Terminal Properties
  • Applications of the Operational Amplifier
  • Real-Life Applications
  • 12 Oscillators
  • Classifications of Oscillators
  • Circuit Analysis of a General Oscillator
  • Conditions for Oscillation: Barkhausen Criterion
  • Tuned Oscillator
  • Crystal Oscillator
  • Real-Life Applications of Oscillators

Digital Electronic Principles

  • Number System
  • Conversion of Number System
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Logic Gates
  • De Morgan’s Theorem
  • Simplification of Boolean Expression
  • Logic Gate Circuits
  • Real-Life Applications of Digital Circuits

Electronic Instruments

  • Components of the Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope
  • Cathode-Ray Tube
  • Time-Base Generators
  • Measurements Using the Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope
  • Types of Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope
  • Sweep Frequency Generator
  • Function Generator
  • Sine Wave Generator
  • Square Wave Generator
  • AF Signal Generator

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