Book Title: Beginning Robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino Using Python and OpenCV

The Author: Jeff Cicolani

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Volume: 371 pages

File Size: 6.77 MB

About this Book:

“This book is for those who are new to electronics and IoT; those who have never used a Raspberry Pi or Arduino separately, let alone together.
This book is for the hobbyist who is interested in learning a little more about working with robots. Perhaps you’ve built a few circuits with an Arduino or a custom home entertainment system with a Raspberry Pi, and now you are curious about what goes into building a robot. You will learn how these two devices work together to provide very powerful capabilities.
This book is for the entrepreneur who needs to learn more about technology; someone who doesn’t necessarily have the time to read through many different books on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, electronics, or programming; someone who is looking for a broad yet condensed introduction to some of the fundamentals.”

Content of Book:

Introduction to Robotics

Robotics Basics
Raspberry Pi and Arduino
Project Overview

An Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Downloading and Installing Raspbian
Connecting Raspberry Pi
Configuring Your Pi
Going Headless

A Crash Course in Python

Python Overview
Downloading and Installing Python
Python Tools
Writing and Running a Python Program
Programming in Python

Raspberry Pi GPIO

Raspberry Pi GPIO Pin Numbering
Connecting to the Raspberry Pi
Limitations of Raspberry Pi’s GPIO
Accessing GPIO with Python
Simple Output: LED Example

Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Raspberry Pi’s GPIO in Review
Arduino to the Rescue
Using Arduino
A Brief Introduction to the Arduino Language

Driving Motors

Motors & Drivers
Working with Motor Controllers

Assembling the Robot

Assembling the Chassis
Mounting the Electronics
Mounting Sensors
The Finished Robot

Working with Infrared Sensors

Infrared Sensors
Working with IR Sensors
Understanding PID Control

An Introduction to OpenCV

Computer Vision
OpenCV Basics
Ball-Chasing Bot


Types of Robotics

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