Book Title: Green Electricity 25 Green Technologies That Will Electrify Your Future

Author of the book: Kendall Haven

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Volume: 192 pages

File Size: 8.77 MB

About the book:

Green Electricity is divided into two parts. The goal of part 1 is to help students understand and visualize the electrical system we have and to create context and relevance for an exploration of new, greener energy technologies. In part 1 the author described that amazing electrical delivery system (the grid) that we currently enjoy—the safest, most reliable, and most complex electrical system in the world (and also the most antiquated).
Part 2 is the heart of the book, in which the author described, assess, and compare the alternative emerging technologies, each vying to dethrone the Big 4 and become our energy technology of choice.

Content of the book:

Not So Green: The Grid We Have Today

The Amazing U.S. Electric Grid: Delivering Electricity to Your Doorstep
What Does “Green” Mean?
A Closer Look at Why Our Grid Isn’t Green

Greener Pastures: 25 Electric Technologies of the Future

Free Electricity for Everyone!: Fusion

Let the Sun Sizzle!: Solar Thermal Electricity

Beaming Megawatts: Solar Energy from Space

“Up on the Roof”: Solar Photovoltaic Energy

“Blowin’ in the Wind”: Wind Turbines

Go Fly a Kite!”: Wind Kites

Mighty Minnies: Micro-Nukes

The Genie’s Magic Energy Lamp: Fuel Cells

Borrowing the Planet’s Energy: Geothermal Energy

River Hum: Hydroelectric Energy

A Swim in the Balmy, Briny Sea: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

“Catch a Wave, Dude!”: Ocean Wave Energy

Rollin’, Rollin’ with the Tide: Ocean Tidal Energy

The Mightiest River: Ocean Current Energy

The Sweet Smell of Garbage: Municipal Solid Waste

Taking the Power Plant to the Farm: Bio Crop Waste

Growing Electricity: Energy Crops

A BIG Future for the Smallest Atom: Hydrogen

“Natural” Gas: Methane Energy

A Tidy Lump of Coal: Clean Coal Technology

Teaming Up: Electrical Cogeneration

Second Time Around: Energy Recapture

Electricity in a Box: Batteries and Energy Storage

Micro-Might: Nanotechnology

The Power Plant That Never Was: Energy Conservation

The Future Grid: The Horse Race to Your Greener Energy Future

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