Title: Digital Signal Processing

The author: Ramesh Babu Durai

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  • Classification of Signals
  • Multi Channel and Multi Dimensional Signals
  • Continuous-time Versus Discrete-time Signals
  • Energy and Power Signals in both Continuous and Discrete time instants
  • Singularity Functions
  • Analog Versus Digital Signal Processing

Application of Digital Signal Processing (Speech and Image Processing)

Discrete Time Systems

  • Discrete-time Signals and Systems
  • Classification of Discrete-time Signal
  • Sampling Process
  • Real and Complex Sequence, Finite and Infinite Sequence
  • Types of Infinite-length Sequence
  • Sampling Rate Alteration
  • Classification of Discrete-time Systems
  • Time-domain Characterization
  • The Convolution Process
  • Properties, Causality and Stability, Classification of Linear Time-invariant (LTI) System
  • Recursive and Non-recursive Discrete-time Systems
  • Linear Constant Co-efficient Difference Equation
  • The Impulse Response of a LTI Recursive System

Frequency Domain Characterization or Discrete-Time System

  • Fourier Transform of Discrete-time Signals
  • Frequency Response of Discrete-time Systems and First order System
  • Z-Transform and Inverse Z-Transform

Frequency Analysis of Signals

  • Frequency Analysis of Continuous-time (Analog) Signals
  • Evaluation of Fourier Co-efficients
  • Symmetry Conditions for Periodic Signals
  • Exponential Fourier Series and Fourier Spectrum
  • Properties of Continuous-time Fourier Series and Continuous-time Fourier Transform
  • Fourier Transform of a Periodic Signal
  • Frequency Domain Representation of Discrete Time Signal and System
  • Discrete Time Fourier Transform

Discrete Fourier Transform

  • Properties of Discrete Fourier Transform
  • Linear, Circular and Sectioned Convolutions
  • Fast Fourier Transforms Algorithms
  • Decimation-in-time Radix-2 FFT
  • Decimation-in-Frequency Radix-2 FFT

Digital Processing of Continuous Signals

  • Sampling Process and Sampling Theorem
  • Anti Aliasing Filter
  • Signal Reconstruction
  • Zero-order Hold
  • Sampling of Band Pass Signals
  • Frequency Selective Filter Specifications
  • Analog Lowpass Butterworth and Chebyshev Filters
  • Analog Frequency Transformation
  • Design Procedure for Analog Butterworth and Chebyshev Lowpass Filter
  • Sample and Hold Circuit
  • Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Converter

Digital Filter Structures

  • System Describing Equations
  • Recursive and Non-recursive Structures
  • Block Diagram Representations
  • Structure For IIR & FIR Systems

Digital Filter Design

  • Selection of Filter Type
  • Bilinear Transform Method
  • Warping Effect.
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