Title: Building a Home Security System with Arduino

The author: Jorge R. Castro

File format: PDF

Book volume: 230 Pages

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Getting Started with a Home Security System

  • Home security infrastructure and it’s working with the hardware and the software
  • Prerequisites for installing a security system
  • Prepare your current home for a security system
  • Wired and wireless security systems.
  • Difference between Traditional systems and modern home security system

Getting Started with Arduino and Arduino IDE

  • Arduino boards e.g. MEGA, NANO, ETHERNET, Intel GALILEO, Arduino UNO
  • Safety precautions
  • Arduino IDE Installation on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and GNU-Linux (Debian-Ubuntu)
  • Working with Arduino IDE
  • Python and Arduino with PySerial, Arduino Code and Python Code

From Code to the Real World

  • ProtoBoards and wiring
  • Analog and digital ports and Sensors
  • Component datasheets
  • Near Field Communication
  • Access control

Designing Your Own System

  • Designing and Deploying a project with example
  • Why should I use debugging
  • Basic principles of electricity

Arduino and Sensors

  • Making your own library and Third-party libraries
  • Debugging the code
  • More hardware e.g. The LCD, The potentiometer, Semiconductors
  • A mini project

Documentation and Version Control

  • Code style,  Documentation and Version control
  • Installing Git
  • Creating a repository and sharing it with Git
  • Git clone
  • A mini project using the GUI

Interaction and Connectivity

  • The Raspberry Pi Setting up
  • Camera and IP Camera
  • Face detection
  • C&C – Command and control

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