Title: 92 Projects and Circuit Ideas for Electronics Professionals and Enthusiasts

The writer: EFY Group

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21 Electronics Construction Projects:


  • Microcontroller-based real-time clock
  • Auto changeover to generator on mains failure
  • Remote-controlled stepper motor
  • Computerised electrical equipment control
  • Two-wheeler security system
  • Speed checker for highways
  • Digital stopwatch and many such interesting projects

71 Cool Circuit Ideas:


  • Audio amplifier for personal stereo
  • Infrared object counter
  • Musical light chaser
  • Automatic soldering iron switch
  • Auto turn-off battery charger
  • Digital frequency comparator
  • Automatic bathroom light with back-up lamp
  • Solar bug
  • MicroMotor Controller
  • Rechargeable torch based on white LED
  • Multidoor opening alarm with indicator
  • Dog caller
  • White LED-based emergency lamp and turning indicator and many such amazing projects.

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