Book Title: 264 Amazing DIY Tech Projects

Writer: Doug Cantor

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  • Language: English
  • Volume: 503 pages
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Total 264 DIY cool projects
Basic Lessons-
Put Together a Soldering Kit, Learn Soldering Basics,Study Circuit Components and more.

Geek Toys-
The Ultimate All-in-One Beer-Brewing Machine,Make Drinks Glow in the Dark,Cook a Hot Dog with Electrical Current,Wave an LED Lighter at a Concert, Ignite a Homemade Sparkler, Hack Your Magic 8 Ball and many more.

Home Improvements-
Set Up a Secret Door, Make Invisible Speakers, Monitor Your Home with a Laser Security System, Make a TV Oscilloscope, Install an Aquarium in an Old TV, Make a Robotic Artiste and many more.

Gadget Upgrades-
Boost Wi-Fi with a Steamer, Build a Hands-Free Phone, Make a Remote Display for Your Computer, Rig a Smartphone Projector, Charge a Phone with Solar Rays and many such interesting projects.

Things That Go-
Hang a DIY Air Freshener, Hack an Emergency USB Charger, Install Air Horns in Your Car, Transform a Bike into a B-Ball Hoop, Serve Up a Tennis Ball and more such unique projects.

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